The artistic collective Laramascoto creates works mixing drawing and technology

Laramascoto, between the wild and technology
Barcelona - JUL 15, 2013

The art collective Laramascoto explores the potential of experimental animation and audiovisual installation. They focus their artistic production in the research on the relationship between technology and drawing. Their works show the use of electronic media combined with mural painting and traditional animated cartoon.

Laramascoto components, Santiago Lara and Beatriz Coto, understand technology as a medium and use it as a tool just like more traditional media. In their works the sharing of interests is evident, such as Beatriz's research around the cyborg and the savage or the world of social and collaborative horizontal networks that Santiago analyzes.

In their works the references to science fiction are obvious, but to this are added references originating from mythology, the concept of wild and how they have evolved in our society. "Somehow we introduce a mixture of the supposedly ancestral or primitive and contemporary, a future constructed and articulated from our mythology," explain the artists.

Laramascoto, between the wild and technology

©Laramascoto, Lady Cyborg: The Angel Maker




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