The top 3 photography exhibitions closing this weekend you cannot miss.

Last call: photography exhibitions
London - MAR 06, 2013
Here's our selection of the top 3 photography exhibitions closing this weekend in Vienna, Berlin and London you cannot miss.
Last call: photography exhibitions
©Paul Schneggenburger
The Sleep of the BelovedAnzenberger Gallery. Closing March 8.  

What happens to lovers while they are sleeping? Are they just sleeping next to each other, each on their own, or are they sharing certain places or emotions? Is it a nocturnal lovers’ dance--which is not necessarily sensual, but rather a kind of unconscious act of tenderness--or are they turning their backs on each other? Is there a union with the other, with one’s self?
Last call: photography exhibitions
©Christer Strömholm
Christer Strömholm . Post Scriptum RetrospectiveC/O Berlin. Closing March 8. 

Children playing, intimate couples, celebrity artists, proud transsexuals, disfigured war victims – we always see ourselves in the portrait of the other. Our own weakness, fragility and vulnerability. The unfamiliar is perplexing yet also has an incredibly strong appeal.
Last call: photography exhibitions

©Eric Swayne, Ossie Clark and Anita Pallenberg, 1967

Ossie Clark: The King of the King’s Road Reigns AgainProud Chelsea. Closing March 10. 

Controversial, iconoclastic, quintessentially British, Ossie Clark was the undisputed ‘King of King’s Road', London’s fashion Mecca. Praised for his intuitive understanding of the female form and renowned for the daring and panache with which he mixed and matched prints and fabrics: Ossie’s collections were radically different with an effortless mix of surrealism and pop-art; Hollywood glamour and Soho bohemia.

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