Luminato, Toronto Festival of Arts and Creativity will present the world premiere of “Prototype”, the new interactive installation of Marina Abramovic.

Marina Abramovic presents
Toronto - MAR 20, 2013

The Marina Abramoviccommissioned by Amsterdam’s Metamatic Research Iniciative, will present a new installation that will take the artist’s performance art one step further. 

Abramovic’s goal is to impulse the participants to construct the performance and the experience themselves. The audience will become the core of the installation through a series of exercises and experiences based on Abramovic’s performance method.

Four participants will be able to join the performance every 30 minutes. Each one will wear a white lab coat and headphones, in order to create a distance with the outside world. Throughout the 2 hour experience, the instructions will be given to each participant through the headphones in seven languages. At the end, each performer will be given a certificate signed by Abramovic. The experiences of the participants will be available via live streaming in other locations of Toronto. The participants are also asked to document their experiences in order to be broadcasted via social media.


Marina Abramovic presents
Dutch architect Siebe Tettero, designer of Prototype.

Prototype, designed by Dutch architect Siebe Tettero will be made up of seven interconnected pavilions in Trinity Bellwoods Park, in Toronto. 

This monumental installation marks a new path in Abramovic’s work that shows that performance art does not limit itself to the performer. The installation will be presented in the Visual Arts programming of Luminato, Toronto’s festival of art and creativity, in June of 2013.

Marina Abramovic presents

© Marina Abramovic Method

Prototype will be a rare collaborative opportunity for Abramovic's followers. The installation will become the largest experience of the Marina Abramovic Method and a once in a lifetime experience for any art lover.

Luminato, Toronto Festival of Arts and Creativity, June 14-23, 2013.


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