What motivates Yago?

Meeting the artist: Yago Hortal
Barcelona - MAR 01, 2013

Yago Hortal gives us a brief glimpse at his motivation as an contemporary artist, his inspiration and his view of the current situation for young artists. 

 How do you define yourself as an artist? What artists have influenced you the most?
Y.H. I consider myself a researcher of painting; I'm interested in the physicality of matter and its various applications. To do this I need to work constantly and that leads me to the next painting and so on.

Basically I have been influenced by artists I've had the opportunity to share some time with in my life, and other already established as Albert Oehlen, Gerhard Richter and Bernard Frize ...

L.M. What is the basic concept you want to convey to your audience with your work?
Y.H. I prefer the viewer to discover the concept he wants and not limit him. 

Meeting the artist: Yago Hortal

L.M. Tell us five names of five emerging artists that are essential for you and why.

Y.H. Victor Jaenada : the uniqueness of his language and his ability to apply it to his entire system, this makes him indispensable.
Fernando M. Romero : his passion for art and extreme pictorial research has been able to obtain results that do not pass unnoticed.
Acnneo group : the pleasure of a scientific and historical research focused almost on a mundane language, retro-futuristic and absurd within reach of everyone.
Joan Salo : is able to give another twist to painting with the sole use of his pens. It shows that sometimes simple things are much more complex than meets the eye.
Ivan Gomez : there are few artists able to standardize various visual languages
with both aesthetic and theoretical sense.

L.M. Where do you think pop art is headed?
Y.H. Where each artist decides it go. There is a tendency towards conceptual art and / or installation, but fortunately we can do what we really want.

L.M. In addition to painting, do you work with other software?
Y.H. Not at the moment, but do not discard it.

L.M. You won the Painting Prize Parés Young Chamber when you were 24, what did it mean for you?
Y.H. It was a mental, emotional and financial push. It helped me realize that what I was doing had some value to some people, besides giving me security to keep doing it.
Meeting the artist: Yago Hortal

KL52. acrylic on canvas. 20x25 cm. 2011  

L.M. Do you think there is any difference between the personality of the emerging art scene between Madrid and Barcelona?
Y.H. Madrid may be more diverse and less biased than Barcelona,
but it’s a matter of time period.

L.M.  How was your exper
ience abroad?
Y.H. Very positive. It's not easy to be moving constantly but the cliche that it opens the mind is true. I also believe that exhibiting in other places, forces the work to be valued in different ways in the home country.

L.M. Has it been difficult to establish yourself as an artist in the current scenario?
Y.H. I do not think I am an established artist, I think I have to keep working hard and that time will tell.

L.M. As a young artist, do you think that in the context of the current crisis it is possible to be an artist full time?
Y.H. Yes it is, even if it’s more difficult than before.

L.M. What are your next projects?
Y.H. I have several projects for this year but I hate to reveal them in advance. I will exhibit in Europe and the United States, but I'll give more details on my website as the dates approach.

Meeting the artist: Yago Hortal

KL47. acrylic on canvas. 25x20 cm. 2011  

Luz Massot

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