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Must-see exhibitions in February
London - JAN 31, 2013
The month of February brings many innovations for contemporary art lovers. European capitals are preparing for the new season of 2013, presenting the exhibitions that will have you speaking this year. But also galleries and art centres begin the second month of the year with very interesting proposals.

Here’s a selection of what ArtDiscover recommends for the next 7 days:

Carl Andre
: Mass & Matter. Turner Contemporary, Kent Area

 -Mass & Matter presents the work of Carl Andre, one of the most famous names of minimalist art of the sixties. The exhibition brings together a set of eight sculptures and poems made between 1967 and 1983. Andre is famous for his works created from industrial materials purchased for use in standard units without altering them, being careful to not manipulate or alter the original material and its natural properties. With his reformulation of the subject of the sculpture, Andre broke opened new horizons for a generation of artists.

Ai Wei Wei. Resistance and tradition. Andalusian Center for Contemporary Art, Seville

-The CAAC's presents the first exhibition of the famous artist and Chinese dissident in Spain. The exhibition aims to show the wide and eclectic artist's production, featuring among others, installations, ceramics, videos and pictures. Among the works is the commission by the Tate Modern in London, the famous Sunflower Seeds.

Siméon Saiz Ruiz. Fúcares Gallery 

-Do we really see what the TV sets before our eyes? This phrase summarizes the latest exhibition of Siméon Saiz Ruiz. His work focuses on highlighting the game of reflections and insights that lie behind every representation to question to which extent violence and horror are diluted before our eyes when they are presented by the press and television, homogenized and mixed with banal and superfluous images.

Glam! Performance of style. Tate Liverpool 

-Glam! explores the phenomenon that hit Britain during the years 1971-1975. Glam is a pop style, visually extravagant beauty filled with extravagant fashion, futuristic sounds and much glitter. This exhibition is the first in-depth look glam style and sensitivity involved through painting, sculpture, installation, film, photography and performance. The assembled artists are some of the biggest names in contemporary art, like Cindy Sherman, Andy Warhol, David Hockney and Peter Hujar.


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