The Mexican street artist is known for his colorful, mythical creatures that show the majesty of nature.

Mythical creatures and antique spirits by Curiot
Mexico City - DEC 07, 2013

Favio Martinez, better known as Curiot, is a Mexican artist that creates paintings and large-scale murals of mythological creatures and spirits. These beings are inspired by the gods associated with natural phenomena that ancient cultures worshipped.

Mythical creatures and antique spirits by Curiot

The creatures have features of ancestral spirits and combined with animal and natural attributes. Curiot seeks to manifest the power of nature through these imaginary beings. He himself explains that his pieces show that "nature can be represented by beings that have nothing to do with our reality, but somehow have these elements and colors that represent it with majesty."

Mythical creatures and antique spirits by Curiot

His works, both the large scale murals and the smaller paintings, shows an important connection to the ancient culture of his native country. They are colorful, combining primary colors with earth tones, and extremely detailed.

Mythical creatures and antique spirits by Curiot

His mythical animals are covered with thick fur, feathers or scales which gives them an animal appearance. They are also adorned by natural elements such as flames or water, branches or earth tones that link them to the force of nature. They all share characteristics that present them as imaginary incarnations of ancient spirits, with geometric and abstract motifs that adore their heads and necks.



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