Nevercrew combines graffiti and other disciplines to create complex street art pieces.

Nevercrew's complex large scale murals
Berne - JUL 17, 2013

The Swiss street art duo Nevercrew are known for their large scale murals that show influences of graffiti, illustration and graphic design. Their complex images explore the relationship between the system and its parts, reflecting a strong interaction among the elements that creates a balanced whole.

Nevercrew's complex large scale murals

©Nevercrew, Magenta - The never-ending game between the Astronaut and the Plastiline Rabbit

Nevercrew began working together in 1996 and since then have combined their mutual passions and personalities to create an ever evolving language. As the duo explains, their work stems directly from a "personal analysis on reality, mankind, art and ourselves; how these parts are combined, about the respective issues and all the other parts that come into the game. With this, we intend to keep together art and life, and involve anyone who's interested in our work or who simply stumble on it by accident."

Nevercrew's complex large scale murals

©Nevercrew, Octopus

Nevercrew's complex large scale murals

©Nevercrew, A drop of pink in Isar's waters



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