The Irish sculptor presents a new series of pieces in Pace Gallery that show the evolution of his art.

New sculptures by Kevin Francis Gray
London - DEC 10, 2013

Kevin Francis Gray is an Irish sculptor that creates neoclassical inspired pieces that transcend all conventionalisms. His technique shows a complete dedication to realism in search for a physical perfection that few have achieved.

New sculptures by Kevin Francis Gray

The meticulously crafted figures lay at the cross roads of real and unreal and open a debate about the current definitions of tradition and innovation. Although his choice of materials, the extreme detail and visual references he incorporates in every piece may come across as conventional, this is exactly where the innovative essence lies.

New sculptures by Kevin Francis Gray

The new body of work Francis will present in Pace Gallery shows the development of his practice. The maturity of the new figures is show by his leaving the context of youth and moving into more complex, everyday characters.

New sculptures by Kevin Francis Gray

"I wanted to go a little deeper with my subjects and stop hiding their faces. Before, I lacked the confidence to really focus on the face. My subjects for Twelve Chambers were all everyday people. I was interested in distilling their personalities into the work."

New sculptures by Kevin Francis Gray

The new pieces show the same seductive nature that marks all of his production. The sensuality of the material, its textures, lights and shadows continue to complement the extreme realism. Francis also continues to play with hiding the figures behind a veil, although their facial features and bodies are more pronounced and visible. In all, the sculptures are perfect examples of how traditional techniques can be revisited to capture contemporary aesthetics.



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