East London will host a one night multimedia and photography festival on 27th September

Night Contact a new Multimedia and Photography Festival in the UK
London - APR 10, 2013

Uk’s newest Multimedia and Photography Festival, Night Contact, aims to unite photography with other media, such as film, music and literature. The festival will take place during on the 27th of September, when Dalston (East London) will be invaded by large projection screens featuring the artworks submitted. The festival’s duration, only one night, and its outdoor location across the city, make it an interesting proposal and guarantee an art filled night.

The festival also seeks to impulse artistic collaboration between artists from different disciplines, through experimental formats and presentations, the use of sound, narrative, movement, colour and rhythm that will accompany the photographs. The exhibition format of the festival allows flexibility, enabling the creation of new-site specific work and the repurposing of existing work.

The event will feature a curated programme to ensure an engaging final line up. But most of the works displayed will come from open submissions. The festival has prepared two different submission processes. One for new work, with deadline for presentation on the 27th May of 2013. The other process is open to existing work, with deadline for presentation on the 15th July of 2013. In addition, there are 3 £1,000 grants are available to part-fund three new works. 

Night Contact a new Multimedia and Photography Festival in the UK

See below for submission details. Complete details available on the festival's website. 



We are asking for collaborative proposals to be submitted from a photographer/artist working with photography and a creative/artist from another background, with examples of previous work, to produce a piece of work to be shown across three HD screens in Gillett Square. The commissioned pieces may also be shown at other exhibitions or festivals after Night Contact.

Proposals can be submitted to:

Realise a new project

Complete an existing body of work

Repurpose an existing body of work

Proposals must consider the way in which the work will be projected and be a maximum of 1,000 words. 




Night Contact is now open for submissions! We are looking for interesting and innovative bodies of work from artists engaged with photography, to be shown in one our of six satellite projection spaces around the main square of the event.*

Because work shown at the festival will be entirely by projection, we are looking to programme work that tries to bring something new to this format. This could be a well thought out combination of text & image slides or more produced formats such as multimedia video, gifs, short film, work intended for installation, online or interaction, but always with some relation to photography at its core.


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