After more than a decade, OFFF is still a reference of post-digital culture and lovers of art in all its multiple expressions.

OFFF Festival, a way of understanding art
Barcelona - JUN 04, 2013

After more than a decade, the OFFF Festival phenomenon continues to grow. Hosted in cities like Barcelona, New York, Lisbon and Paris, the festival has established itself as a reference event worldwide, creating an extensive network of artists, developers, theorists and art lovers who flock to the event year after year. 


OFFF is much more than a meeting place for contemporary creation. Over the years, new generations of artists have developed, even arising from the spectators that attend the festival. The event has featured some of the most renowned contemporary artists, -in the most contemporary and open sense of the word-, from a wide range of disciplines, like design, invention, moviemaking, illustration and development. Names like Joshua Davis, Stefan Sagmeister, John Maeda, Neville Brody, Kyle Cooper, The Mill, Digital Kitchen, Ben Fry & Casey Reas, Golan Levin, Chris Milk, Rob Chiu, Julien Vallée, Paula Scher, Rick Poynor, Erik Spiekermann, Dvein, Erik Natzke, Vincent Moon, Ze Frank, Alex Trochut, and many more, have taken the main stage of the festival to share their work and discover what others do. 

OFFF Festival, a way of understanding art
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The festival, divided into seven major sections, is structured around an in depth programme of conferences, workshops, and performances of some of the most innovative and creative contemporary minds. The two main sections, ‘Roots’ and ‘Openroom’, are the spaces where established and new artists can share their ideas, projects and learn from each other. ‘Roots’, the main stage of the festival, is its “centre of gravity”. On the other hand, ‘Openroom’, destined to the new talents, is where OFFF feeds the future of creation. In addition, as a permanent manifestation of OFFF, the network includes Atelier, a teaching centre based in Barcelona, a continuous presence on its web, and a permanent group of creators, artists, organizers and producers, that host OFFF related events. 

OFFF embodies everything that you would want in a cultural event. It has films and filmmakers, art and artists, design and designers, music and musicians, etc. A yearly happening that’s a rave, a lounge, a marketplace, a gallery, a classroom, a place to network, and 100% inspiration. Simply put, there’s nothing quite like OFFF. I should know… this will be my 10th year going.” -Joshua Davis 

OFFF Festival. DHUB. Barcelona, Spain. June 6-8



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