The Russian photographer Oleg Dou creates images bordering between beauty and repulsion.

Oleg Dou's artificial humanity
Moscow - JUL 25, 2013

Oleg Dou is a true perfectionist and a master of digitally retouching photographs. He works extensively, editing each one of his photographs, creating an image that blurs the line between beauty and repulsion. His models, carefully selected to match the face he has in mind, slowly become artificial humans under his digital brush. Each one of his works reveales a sintetic, dehumanized aspect, that is visually impacting and at the same time strangely alluring. After the weeks or even months he spends on each portrait, he is able to create a new identity of a "pure human being".


Oleg Dou's artificial humanity

©Oleg Dou, Cheburashka 2

Oleg Dou's artificial humanity

©Oleg Dou

Oleg Dou's artificial humanity

©Oleg Dou, Toystory

Oleg Dou's artificial humanity

©Oleg Dou, Duza's tears



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