Two of the most transgressors and controversial Spanish artists have decided to join forces in a project that promises to leave no one indifferent.

Omar Jerez and Abel Azcona prepare an art project that will revolutionize contemporary art
Barcelona - FEB 06, 2013

The Granadian artist Omar Jerez and the Navarrese artist Abel  Azcona, are two of the most prominent names of the contemporary creation of Spain. Known for their irreverent and daring works both Azcona and Jerez are two of the most criticized and demanded artists in Spanish contemporary art. Omar Jerez is known for its acid video critiques of capitalism, the barbarity taking place in the United States, and religion, for which he has been widely criticized and threatened. The two most famous works of the artist are his suicide announced in social networks, which caused a great media commotion, and the simulacrum of the kidnapping of Ortega Lara, which confronted him directly to ETA, in a very controversial project.

Meanwhile, Abel Azcona, who deals with the same issues that Jerez, is known for his critical video, performance and installations, where he creates compelling and politically incorrect critiques. In the last few months he has presented Primal Wound in the Hidden Gallery and I'm lovin 'it at the CAC Málaga, both visually impactful work performance.

So far, no details have been revealed about the characteristics or nature of the joint project. In a recent interview for "La Pinacoteca radio", Omar Jerez described the project this way: "I prepare a work with the artist Abel Azcona, undoubtedly the present and future of Spanish art. This will be the most risky work that an artist has made, putting our skin in the service of the slaughterhouse so they can chop us up." To increase the suspense around this collaboration, it will be presented at a press conference in Madrid, to be held in a few weeks.

There are many speculations about the project, but if anything is clear after the last works of both artists is that their commitment to their art and their audience is total. Political correctness has no place in their art, an art that they use as a weapon with which to fight against the world. As Jerez stated "there is nothing more vulgar than to be artistically correct".


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