Thursday March 14, 2013 at Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid at 12pm.

Omar Jerez and Abel Azcona present their Artistic Manifesto
Madrid - MAR 12, 2013

The young and controversial artists Omar Jerez and Abel Azcona will present on Thursday 14 of March the manifest Teoría involuntaria de una Muerte Confrontada (Involuntary theory of a Confronted Death)This new international manifesto is a public declaration of the stylistic and aesthetic principles and intentions of a group of artists.

The document contains the proposals presented in twelve motion rules that express their artistic posture. Both artists have wanted to join forces to "put a face" to the problems of today's artists. Their union is an alliance against criticism that highlights the artistic development at the same level of the topic questioned.

Omar Jerez and Abel Azcona present their Artistic Manifesto

Omar Jerez, photo Juan barte

The manifesto emphasizes death as the limit to be exceeded and as a result. The ideas and derived works try to reach the extreme, to rise above it, although this does not imply that "death is a satisfactory level." The will of style, symbolized by the manifest, as the artists explain is that "the fact of questioning through your work, exerting a critique in the social environment in which you live, it may be because of murder or loss of your life. Death would not be just a reaction to your work, but the very act of dying is part of the artistic work and makes sense. "

Jerez and Azcona, accompanied by the director of the Contemporary Art Platform PAC, Óscar García García, will present the new manifesto in a press conference open to the public at the Sala Nueva at the Círculo de Bellas Artes at 12pm.



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