La Térmica, the new cultural space of Málaga, opens today with the latest exhibition of the artist Christopher Makos.

Opening of La Térmica de Malaga with the exhibit 'Lady Warhol'
Malaga - JAN 18, 2013
As of today, the city of Malaga has a new contemporary arts center which will house the creation and contemporary cultural production. The directors of the center, described La Térmica’s vision as "a modern approach, open and plural looking through culture and citizen personal initiative to develop a new vision of reality." In short, the center aims to be a "receiver of artistic and cultural trends for knowing what is happening today”.

The show chosen for the premiere of the new center is Lady Warhol an exhibition of American photographer Christopher Makos. The exhibition focuses on a photo shoot that Makos created with Andy Warhol in 1981, entitled Altered Image. The artist wanted to revisit and review these works, to be presented in a new format, larger, and under a new title. But the original essence of the photographs remains intact and continues his story just as interesting.

In 1981 Andy Warhol and Makos, set out to develop a photographic project called Altered Image, a series of portraits of Warhol posing as wigs they had bought for the occasion in an elegant wig shop in the city of New York. After two days of session and hundreds of shots, came what Makos now presented as Lady Warhol, a reflection on the concept of changing identity. 

Both artists took inspiration point of the project Rrose Selavy a collaboration between Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray, where Ray portrayed Duchamp as an elegant and mysterious Parisian woman. Although it dates back to the '20s, the series is an approach to the concept of changing identity, a concept that the tandem Makos / Warhol faces with the transgressive spirit that has made them famous.

Lady Warhol. La Térmica de Málaga. From January 18 to March 16. 


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