Spanish creators make known their work and their working methods in a new online platform launched today by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

Oral Memories: an online platform for the Spanish artists
Barcelona - MAR 14, 2013

Oral Memories is founded with the goal of being a platform for the promotion of emerging and mid-career Spanish artists. The project brings together the biggest names in Spanish creation, chosen by the relevance of their work over the past five years. Among the artists gathered for the project are Ignasi Aballí, Cristina Lucas, José Manuel Ballester, David Bestué, Montserrat Soto, Dora Garcia and Marc Vives, among others.

The project aims to bring these artists to the public, not only to the specialist, but also the general. The platform is a channel through which the artists can talk about their work, their motivations and their work processes. It is an opportunity to transmit, directly, their artistic vision and aesthetic will. In the audio-visual interviews, about 8 minutes long, the filter of a curator or an art critic is not present, although they are the figures usually responsible for communicating with the viewer as spokespersons for the artist’s work.

The project provides a global view of the current Spanish artistic creation. The initial selection of 27 artists will be expanded each year and is expected to achieve continuity to cover foreign artists resident in Spain.

Oral Memories


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