The Spanish photographer creates a perfect portrait of the summer heat in Seville in the series '42ºC'.

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Seville Area - DEC 16, 2013

Manolo Espaliú is a Spanish photographer whose dramatic portraits capture the suffocating summer heat in his native Seville. In his series 42ºC, Espaliú adopted the harsh sunlight that dominates the Spanish city and used it to his advantage, creating intense portraits that play with extreme lighting and deep black shadows.

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The resulting images are a perfect portrait of life in Seville during the summer. The intensity of the heat, the weight of the sun's glare and the suffocating atmosphere of the urban environment are made almost tangible by the photographs.

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Instead of shooting from the shadows, Espaliú decided to confront head on the extremely difficult lighting caused by the overwhelming sunlight. He took the photographs from the sunlight towards the long shadows caused by the narrow streets of the city. This way, the chosen subject was normally isolated in a sun provoked spotlight and surrounded by darkness.

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The photographs show his native city and his desire to capture its society and culture but without recurring to the conventional techniques and themes of street photography.

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