April is the month of photography in ArtDiscover. Here's our selection of 4 top notch photography exhibitions you cannot miss.

Photography April
Barcelona - APR 09, 2013

Photography creation has been fascinating us from the beginning. The mix of light and silver that turned into extraordinary images of the reality profoundly changed our vision of the world. Years later, with the arrival of digital photography, the love affair continues. The world seen through the lens of a photographer is something that never fails to catch our attention.

If you are a photography lover, you must not miss the 4 top notch photography exhibitions taking place this month.

Jaume de Laiguana. Exposició fotogràfica. Retrospectiva 1997-2012. Palau Robert, Barcelona

Jaume de Laiguana is a photographer who believes in the beauty of the imperfect. This retrospective shows a change in his career, normally linked in advertising. These photographs show his artistic side. The exhibition also offers a rare glimpse at his day to day and his work method, to better understand his personal style. 

Photography April
© Guido Guidi

CONCRETE - Photography and Architecture
. Fotomuseum Winterthur, Switzerland.

Concrete seeks to analyse the complex relationship between architecture and photography. Through the approach to issues of history, ideology, form and material, the exhibition tries to give answer to the question to what extent does photography influence not only the way architecture is perceived, but also the way it is designed?

Photography April
© Robert Harding Pittman, Lake Las Vegas Resort. Las Vegas, USA.

. La Casa Encendida, Madrid.

The photographer Robert Harding Pittman takes the viewer in an intense 10 year journey through the entire urbanization process from the economic boom to the present financial crisis. During the 10 years that the project has lasted, Pittman has travelled to places like Spain, Arab Emirates, France, Greece, USA and South Korea with one goal in mind: to show the surprising similarities between these far off places. With hardly any trance of the human form, Pittman captures the increasingly similar way of life of the society of the 21st century. The silence and the static arid beauty speak of the existence of homogenized models of living and the loss of individuality.  

Photography April

© Tom Wood

Tom Wood: Photographs 1973 – 2013
. National Media Museum, Bradford, UK.

Tom Wood explores the potential of photography to transform its subjects. Through a continuous, diary-like recording of his life in the UK, Wood captures his observations and encounters. He photographs on the streets, in pubs, clubs, markets, workplaces and parks in order to truly reflect their essence after years of studying them closely. 



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