The Irish photographer has been capturing the world through the lens of a Polaroid camera during the last 10 years.

Polaroid nostalgia by Rhiannon Adam
London - DEC 11, 2013

Rhiannon Adam is a London based photographer and a confessed Polaroid addict. Her love for the technique began 10 years ago, when she started "shooting with a budget 600 series Polaroid camera and a healthy supply of free film." Since then, she has captured the people and places that have played an important part in her life.

Polaroid nostalgia by Rhiannon Adam

Her photography is focused on creating a catalogue of all of the eccentricities of life and showing the audience how things were during a brief moment in time using only available light, without cropping or editing. Part of her fixation with Polaroid photography comes precisely from the fact that it leaves no room for digital retouching and the tangibility of the image authenticates the photograph and the moment being shown.

Polaroid nostalgia by Rhiannon Adam

Adam's images share an aura of nostalgia that recalls the past and unites it with the present, showing the beauty of the landscapes and cities that have left a mark in her life. The particular mysticism found in her photographs is caused by the colour changes provoked by the environment where they were shot. These imperfections and marks create a visual narrative that is intrinsically part of Polaroid film.

Polaroid nostalgia by Rhiannon Adam

Working with expired material since the cease of production of Polaroid film in 2008, has also forced her to adapt to the eccentricities of each pack of film. Each image is the result of collaboration since for her "each image replies partially on serendipity."

Polaroid nostalgia by Rhiannon Adam

In her opinion, Polaroid photography tears down the possible barriers between the viewer and the photographer, allowing a new, closer relationship between the image and the audience stemming from the timeless nostalgia that it reflects.



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