The French photographer Romain Laurent will have you wondering if these photographs are real.

Romain Laurent's unreal reality
Paris - OCT 23, 2013

Romain Laurent's unreal reality takes monotony out of everyday life. The French photographer is a master of post-production, which he uses to take images of urban reality into a peculiar world where the surreal narrative he creates is as disquieting as it is refined.

Romain Laurent's unreal reality

©Romain Laurent, Tilt

Laurent's visual effects are capable of disguising as true things that are impossible, reflecting his far from the ordinary vision of contemporary life. But aside from their visual impact, the images' message is highly important. Laurent has found that the best way to transmit his message is through humour, incorporating ironic and sarcastic elements that result in absurd and surreal scenes.

The combination of his keen eye for composition, his mastery of technique and his impressive creativity create a visual narrative that renders tangible the most imperceptible of concepts.

Romain Laurent's unreal reality

©Romain Laurent, Shadows

Romain Laurent's unreal reality

©Romain Laurent, Burnout

Romain Laurent's unreal reality

©Romain Laurent, Something real



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