The echo of my women, the latest exhibition of Silvia Bermejo, shows the role of women and feninism in art.

Silvia Bermejo fills Salamanca with echos of femininity in DA2
Salamanca - MAY 15, 2013
Our limitations disturb us. The understanding of this art requires a social effort to dismantle androcentric theories. Silvia Bermejo, digs into the roots of femininity. She creates an art that must be exposed, born to be free, like her, like the echo of her women. She endows with her work with a sweet satire, superb  and imaginative technique transgresses the life of her viewers, making a world that she experiences first hand, being the creator and the model at a time. In addition, the young artist, shows the idea that contemporary art is the stage for the development of feminism and creative freedom.

The tender title, El eco de mis mujeres (The echo of my women), contains a renewed search for the spirit of the image of women, with a strong assertive content that enpowers the interest of equallity in contemporary society. She makes obvious the influence of other artists, such as Silvia Woodman and Silvia Sherman, recovering as well, the echo of the voices of the women who inspire her. The exhibition shows thirteen beautiful self-portraits that created a rereading of the work of women who have struggled to break through in the history of art.

The stylistic innovations proposed by Silvia Bermejo make this photographic genre inscribe itself in feminist art through modernity. She does not seek an idealization of the female body, but, on the contrary, she wishes to emphasize the spirit. The paradigm posed shows that women are doers of ideas, removing the plastic wrap that  Kantian philosophy gave the woman's body, receiving it as an object admirable for its beauty. Women are not objects, and so, Silvia Bermejo, portrays a reality that seems far away. In this context, there is an open struggle to eliminate those myths rooted in patriarchal society and she tries to achieve it with the impulse of art in a world of crisis.
Silvia Bermejo fills Salamanca with echos of femininity in DA2
Silvia Bermejo
Silvia, beyond provoking a reflexion about the social values in order to cause a destigmatization, her photographic work invites to a necessary rereading in which women cease to be subservient to men. This mensaje should be reachable in the astistic contexto, as well as a profesional and personal plane. She also manages to irradiate beauty eliminating modesty of the images, allowing the women artists to have a fundamental role in the evolution of art. Without ceasing to be silk or honey, thus we can see in the photography in which is shown on top of the toilet, urinating, creating an artistic game that skews human decency. It seems that she is inspired by theories of transfeminism and postporn, or that is what this significant image reminds us. Currently, there is a wide range of proposals in the arts, in which increasingly, men and women, are no longer distinct ideas. There is a place where you can join to learn to apply it to everyday life. Pissing in public and private spaces, Itziar Okariz's action, is another of the many cultural productions emerging from this field, which aims to break social conventions in a subversive way, leading to public reflection on the social and sexual stereotypes. Encourage feedback and have a greater impact on culture, express their views on the concept of femininity no exclusively for women are some of the aims of the political feminist struggle.

The show that the DA2 offers us of Silvia's work, aside of enpowering female nudity, without an imposed sexually load, breaks with social taboos. La sangre menstrual entre sus piernas (the menstrual blood between her legs) is another of the exhibited photographs, art charged with a fundamental, complete and deliberate message, that does not run out. And despite this, her poetic gaze to create, does not dissapear. Their are beautiful images by nature, in places loaded with spirituality, intimate. Her face does not have more importance then what she wishes to scream out. She exhibits a message that should demand society the construction of a new model for citizenship. It is necessary a reflexion to get to know, value, respect and reach awareness. There is a social disjunction and we should try to change the perception and remove the diaspora to rebuild the language, eliminating prejudice.

Silvia Bermejo's exhibition, The echo of my women, arrived in Salamanca on February 25 to be hosted by the DA2 until 26 May. The photographic exhibition is also part of the II Perspectives of Women Festival 2013, organized by MAV (Women in Visual Arts), that was inaugurated the past 8th of March, in Matadero in Madrid. The FMM13 presents proposals to enpower feminist practice in the visual arts, although the female artists are not the only ones to participate in the construction of the history and the fight towards equity.

Ana Manuela Jiménez del Moral

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