La Capella in Barcelona presents an exhibition that explores the current artistic creation in Stockholm through the work of several artists.

“Síndrome” an exhibition that explores artistic creation in Stockholm
Barcelona - MAR 15, 2013

Sweden, one of the few countries that represent the welfare society, has a stable professional structure of contemporary artistic creation. Within this structure, the artists are one of the key elements in its definition and support.

In order to really reflect the artistic creation of this specific context, “Síndrome”, curated by Martí Manen, avoids representing a place. Instead, the group exhibition presents the work of several artists who pursue a specific means of creation. The works selected mark the need to venture out of the exhibition space. The artists question the possibilities of a real, physical work with the institution. Each piece adopts a political posture, through documentaries and investigation material, seen as a conceptual form. 

“Síndrome” an exhibition that explores artistic creation in Stockholm

©Petra Bauer

The exhibition also explores the current state of artistic creation in the city, through the presentation of interviews with representatives of various art institutions.

The project also looks to establish a dialogue between the artists presented in the exhibition and local artists from Barcelona. In order to do so, a series of meetings have been organised. The meetings will cover the practices and working methods of each group of artists to impulse a shared knowledge. The final goal is to discover similarities and the actual proximity between the artists based in Barcelona and those based in Stockholm.

Síndrome. Contexto, maneras y estructura. Formas actuales de producción artística en Estocolmo. La Capella, Barcelona. Until May 5



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