Soo Sunny Park's 'Unwoven Light' is an inmersive installation that reveals the beauty of light

Soo Sunny Park sculpts light
Seoul - JUL 09, 2013
The Korean artist Soo Sunny Park creates installations of sculptures suspended in the air. Far from being merely decorative, the structures form part of the space that houses them. Each piece relates to the textures of the gallery where it is exposed and creates a unique aesthetic experience.

Park's intricate installations are completed by the light of the space, which is filtered by its structure, creating reflections of different colors and shades. An example of this is Unwoven Light. This installation is made up of metal fabric and acrylic plates that becomes a colorful and organic membrane of organic appearance, which seems to float in the exhibition hall.
Soo Sunny Park sculpts light
Soo Sunny Park sculpts light
Soo Sunny Park sculpts light


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