Acclaimed writer Lucy Lippard will be at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam on April 7.

Stedelijk Forum Session with Lucy Lippard
Amsterdam - MAR 26, 2013

Lucy R. Lippard will be the next protagonist of the Stedelijk|Forum Session with her lecture “Three Escape Attempts”. During the lecture, Lippard will present a semi-autobiographical account of her career. The lecture is structured around three attempts to “escape” the commercial art world through conceptual art, feminist art and activist art. 

Stedelijk Forum Session with Lucy Lippard

Eccentric Abstraction

During the talk, moderated by Hendrik Folkerts, the Stedelijk Museum’s Public Program curator, Lippard will revisit her early career in order to analyse these three particular mechanisms of artistic freedom. Lippard will also talk about the increasing commercialization of the contemporary art world, providing a personal critique of the current scenario. The lecture is is a collaboration of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, de Appel arts centre, and the University of Amsterdam

Stedelijk Forum Session with Lucy Lippard

Lucy R. Lippard

Lippard has had a long and successful career as a writer, curator, activist and co-founder of several artists’ organizations. She is the author of 21 books, mostly dealing with contemporary art. Since 1962, she has been involved in the contemporary art world. She began as an art critic, collaborating in journals and magazines, such as “Art International” and “Art Forum”. Her exhibition Eccentric Abstraction, presented in 1966, is recognized as one of the first to reflect post-minimalistic art. In 1973, she gained full recognition as a advocate and expert of conceptual art with her book “Six Years”, which recorded the evolution of conceptual art.

Stedelijk|Forum Session: Lucy Lippard. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Netherlands. Sunday, April 7, 2013.


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