In his first solo exhibition, C215 presents an attempt to explore love through femininity.

Street artist Christian Guémy
Barcelona - JAN 30, 2013
Born in Paris, C215 began with urban art in the 90s combining it with his studies of art and architecture. In 2006, he starts working intervening in public space with stencils. The stencil is an artistic technique of decoration in a template with a cut out pattern which is used to apply paint, applying it through the cut out spaces thus creating a picture. It is one of the techniques most frequently used by graffiti artists worldwide, artists like Banksy and Shepard Fairey (OBEY) often use this method. His style has developed from a base of simple stencil portraits in black and white, a colourful combination of stencil and freehand painting in his later works.

The artist describes himself thus: “I am not a vandal, but a contextual artist trying to interact with reality, travelling to paint stencils in the streets without authorization."

The portraits are the main part of the work of C215, especially the portraits of his daughter Nina, which follows in the footsteps of his father as she is also becoming a street artist. Guémy is also interested in social issues, with portraits of vagrants, beggars, homeless, refugees, immigrants, children and the elderly, openly criticizing social marginalization in the urban sector, while giving them visibility and a place in the city. He tries to represent the totality of a world full of plurality.

C215 paints without covering his face; he has no need since he paints surfaces only to beautify the destroyed parts of the city. This way, he adapts his work to the urban context. He has turned the streets of Paris in his private museum (where you can see the bulk of his work) but has left its mark in cities across the world.

Besides his pieces on the street, he also produces work for galleries, such as the Montana Gallery in Barcelonor in the Shooting Gallery in San Francisco (USA).

Luz Massot

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