Joaquín Diez-Cascón, director of Swab, underlines the young character of the Barcelona meeting.

Swab 2013, Barcelona's contemporary art fair
Barcelona - OCT 05, 2013

ArtDiscover attended the fair of contemporary art, Swab 2013, which takes place every year in Barcelona. We had the opportunity to speak with the director of the fair, Joaquín Diez-Cascón, on this year's edition during the press meeting that took place just hours before the official opening of the event. 


Swab 2013, Barcelona's contemporary art fair

Swab 2013. Faur Zsófi Galéria, Budapest.

Like every year, Swab has gathered 150 artists and 500 works in order to give greater visibility to the emerging contemporary art and, at the same time, bring it closer to the citizens. The artists, all born after 1970, come from galleries representing 19 different countries. The event has moved its usual calendar during the month of May to join the international calendar of art fairs, thus stressing its international projection and its importance in the cultural agenda of Barcelona.

Swab 2013, Barcelona's contemporary art fair

Swab 2013. 3 Punts Gallery, Barcelona. 

Cascón wanted to highlight two new proposals offered by Swab to the public, Swab City and Swab Urban. Both reaffirm the young nature of the event, which has been described as of great interest to young people who begin to be interested in art for the opportunity presented to see first-hand high quality works and engage in collecting, due to the established price range that seeks to promote the emergence of a new generation of art collectors.

Swab 2013, Barcelona's contemporary art fair

Swab 2013. Trama Gallery, Barcelona

Director also highlighted the goal of the fair "to become a fusion of many disciplines and artistic variations", both at the fair and at events and activities. Each year the fair seeks to find new ways to bring art to the public, exploring new formats and disciplines. Cascón explains that the motivation behind this goal is due in large part to the fact that "art has always reflected society. Many things happen in the society and art reflects them. Every year there are new ideas that arise."

Swab 2013, Barcelona's contemporary art fair

Swab 2013. 3 Punts Gallery, Barcelona.

International Contemporary Art fair Swab Barcelona 2013. From the 4th to the 6th of October. 




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