“Economy” is a curatorial project of Angela Dimitrakaki and Kirsten Lloyd presented in Glasgow and Edinburgh simultaneously.

The artistic project “Economy” explores the impact of economy on life and identity
Edinburgh (Scotland) - FEB 20, 2013

“In the 21st century, does the economy provide the ground zero of our sense of self?” This questions sums up the main concept analysed in Economy, presented in Stills in Edinburgh until April 21 and in CCA in Glasgow until March 23. The project is made up of two parallel exhibitions and a website which will house a space for debate, touching both contemporary artistic practice and theoretical reflection. Both shows address issues such as migration, labour, sexuality and the crisis of democracy in order to explore the impact that the increasing visibility of economic relations over every aspect of everyday life. 

Economy seeks to find how and where the postmodernist cultural subject has been replaced by a new economic subject, fruit of the intense economic repression and the crisis that is drastically changing millions of lives. The exhibition traces the rise of capitalism since 1990 and its transformation into a globally dominant system. The project also explores the possible existence of a new phase in the history of contemporary art brought on by the emergence of a new economic subjectivity. 

The artists presented in both shows are a small selection of the many creators worldwide that currently explore the profound transformation of society. Since the rise of capitalism, especially since the beginning of the current world crisis in 2008, many artists have reflected through their art the deep ties between our lives and our sense of self and the internal rules of capitalism. 

As the curators of the show Angela Dimitrakaki and Kirsten Lloyd explain, “art can provide ways of knowing that make imagination a powerful ally” for understand the complex changes in society. In this context, Economy is a reflection about the evolution of contemporary art since its separation from postmodernism and its cultural subject. The curators propose a reviewing of the history of contemporary art due to the drastic changes the world has undergone since 1989. The artists presented and the artworks selected provide a possible context and framework for the last two decades of artistic creation. 



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