The artistic side of Sónar Barcelona in Cosmocaixa and MNAC
Barcelona - JUN 15, 2013

The museums MNAC and Cosmocaixa will host two installations that show the artistic side of sound, as part of the Sónar+D, one of the sections of Festival Sónar taking place this weekend in Barcelona. In both museus, the visitors will be able to experience closely two impressive installations by two world renowned contemporary artists, Quayola and Jacob Kirkegaard

In its first collaboration with Sónar, the MNAC presents Matter a piece by the digital artist Quayola. Based on the matter and form of Rodin's The thinker, Matter is a large format, digital sculpture, 12 meters high, that is projected in a 48m2 screen suspended in the middle of the Oval Room of the National Museum. The videoinstallation takes Rodin's masterpiece, considered the bridge between classic and modern sculpture, and shows its through a new interpretation based on digital language. The installation is completed with a sound piece by Matthias Kispert and the presence of an original Rodin, creating a complex set of meanings.

Jacob Kirkegaard presents a giant installation titled Labyrinthitis, situated in the central ramp of the Cosmocaixa Museum. The goal of the installation is to make audible and almost tangible the sound known as the "tartini-tone", which is produced when two sounds of given amplitude converge in the inner ear, creating a sound that can be heard and recorded. Thanks to the artist's intervention, the museum's ramp is transformed into "a great labyrinth of resonant sound: a gigantic cochlea in which the public can enjoy a fascinating psychoacoustic and interactive experience."


The artistic side of Sónar Barcelona in Cosmocaixa and MNAC

©Jacob Kirkegaard, Labyrinthitis

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