Best known for the installation "Rain Room", rAndom International explore the interaction between the artwork and the public.

The digital art of rAndom International
London - AUG 05, 2013

rAndom International is a London-based interdisciplinary study focused on the possibilities of artificial intelligence. The studio was founded in 2005 by Stuart Wood, Ortkrass Florian and Hannes Koch, former colleagues at the Royal College of Art who shared an interest in interactive design and industrial design. Since then, their creations have attracted the interest of the public and the experts from the most prestigious art institutions.

The central themes of their installations are light and movement, which are used to explore the interaction between the work and the viewer. Their artistic proposals analyze the animated and the inanimated, and the relationship established between them. All their pieces integrate LED technology, 3D cameras, mirrors, custom software and complex motion detection systems.



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