Only nine days left until the closing of C/O Berlin situated in the historic Postfuhramt in the Mitte District of Berlin.

The last 9 days of C/O Berlin in Postfuhramt
Berlin - FEB 26, 2013

After more the 2 years of uncertainty, the count down for the closing of the location of the prestigious photography gallery C/O Berlin is nearing its final week. In 9 days, the world renowned institution will leave Postfuhramt, a 19th century building work of architect Carl Schwatlo that once housed the main office of the German Postal Service. In late 2010, the building was purchased by El-AD Group. Shortly after, El-Ad confirmed the rumours of their plans to remodel the building, putting C/O Berlin’s future in the building at stake. The gallery's lease contract was extended through 2012, although C/O Berlin began looking for a new home.

On December 12 of 2012, the gallery announced their move to Amerikan Haus, near the Museum for Photography, another prestigious photography institution. This forced migration will surely mark a new phase in the life of the gallery, forcing it to readapt itself to a new, less centric context in Berlin’s artistic scene for the next 16 years. The institution has confirmed its plans to move into the building in autumn of 2013. Meanwhile, visitors have 9 days to visit and enjoy the last exhibitions presented in the emblematic building. 

The last 9 days of C/O Berlin in Postfuhramt

© Christer Strömholm

Christer Strömholm. Post Scriptum Retrospective. Until March 8.

This is the first retrospective of Christer Strömholm in Germany, which includes the most important series of the photographer’s work in over 150 photographs, contact sheets, work materials and writings. 

The last 9 days of C/O Berlin in Postfuhramt
© Ulrich Seidl

Ulrich Seidl. Paradise Love Faith Hope. Until March 8.

Paradiose Love Faith Hope shows Seidl’s hability to capture, with a radical open mindedness, the “outsiders” of society. “I love to take pictures very close. To show people in their unadorned, natural form. For me, something like beauty can be found in particular where someone has not been prettified.” Ulrich Seidl


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