After nine years of visiting different tribes of the Amazon, the Brazilian photographer Rodrigo Petrella Spain brings a selection of over 5,000 photographs will be on display until January 26 at Casa America in Madrid.

Madrid - DEC 21, 2012

Casa América, Madrid - The inhabitants of the largest river in the world, the Amazon basin, are the main subject of this exhibition. The Casa América opens its doors to the cultural wealth of indigenous until January 26. Rodrigo Petrella egan his work out of curiosity more than ten years ago in the Amazon rainforest, and carried it on following his growing excitement about the indigenous culture. He visited and photographed more than twenty different ethnic groups in total. More than one hundred snapshots were taken by the photographer during his long stay in the jungle, and he exposed several topics for reflection. He intended to give visibility to the increasing ecosystem destruction and create a dialogue between natives, their culture and us "Westerners" as it showed as one of the patents realities in his work. The so-called climate change and its environmental consequences are affecting the entire planet and especially to these fragile cultures that carry centuries in dialogue with nature. Deforestation is one of the main dangers facing the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, the largest lung of the planet. The vision that offers his exhibition is the Amazonian Indian without stereotypes, showing a parallel and contemporary world to ours. Unpretentious documentary or anthropological it is the approximation to a reality often hidden or invisible to us. The curator of the exhibition explains that the images weren´t taken of naturalistic tourists, quite the opposite,  the artist asked Indians to pose "as they are, as they think that they should be”, as it shows the serie of three female bodies tattooed . Petrella explains "Were the women who decided to make this serie"'' I didn't intended to portray them in this way, were them who wanted to be photograph like this and show their tattooed skins and their different meanings". One is a tattoo that represents the skin of an armadillo,  the second type of tattoo has a simply aesthetic sense, the purpose of the tattoos are to create a “fashion” skin. The drawing on the skin of the third woman refers to a turtle, because her clan comes from the tortuga. The difficult weather conditions of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, forced the artist to carry out snapshots in analog. However, they have subsequently been treated digitally.



Luz Massot

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