The largest 3 day event for British art kicks off today.

The London Art Fair 2013 opens its doors
London - JAN 16, 2013
The London Art Fair opens its doors to the public today. After 25 years, it has established itself as one of the world references for the international art sector. The 2013 Edition promises to be bigger than ever, with the participation of more than 130 galleries, which will exhibit la crème of British art and some of the best emerging artists of the moment.

Divided into three main areas, The Fair covers a wide range of disciplines and artistic trends. The main section features more than 100 galleries that will present 20th century modern British art and an excellent collection of contemporary works. But in "The Fair" also highlights the emerging British art in the section Art Projects. Since 8 years ago, Art Projects brings together a very broad programme, with solo exhibitions, curated group shows and large-scale installations. This year, 30 galleries will present the most vibrant and promising artistic scene.

Finally, contemporary photography has a privileged place in Photo50, a sample of 50 works of contemporary and historical photographers of United Kingdom, which stands out for its special attention to analogue photography. This year, the exhibition, curated by Nick Hackworth, director of Paradise Row Gallery, London, focuses on photojournalists and photographers British filmmakers, whose works dating from 1970 to the present.

Titled "A Cyclical Poem", the show explores the relationship between photography and three concepts intrinsic to the photographic creation: time, memory, and repetition. In addition, by its analogue nature, the works invite you to reflect on the changes brought about by the emergence of digital culture in the relationship between image, time and memory. The selected photographers are all artists with long careers that allow them to return to themes and images of their artistic baggage.
London Art Fair takes place from 16 to 20 January in the Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, London.


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