The Catalan illustrator has centred his production on the expressivity of the body.

The magic of the female body by Conrad Roset
Barcelona - DEC 06, 2013

Conrad Roset is a versatile Catalan illustrator whose work seeks the beauty that emerges from the body, especially of the female body. His fixation with the woman's body is evident since it is the core of all his production and based over which he experiments, especially in his best-known series, Muses.

The magic of the female body by Conrad Roset

Roset himself describes Muses as "a tribute to women, a cult of the feminine figure and sensuality." What began as a project for drawing class, as explained in an interview from earlier this year, has become years later a collection of more than 500 muses.

The magic of the female body by Conrad Roset

What stands out the most is the singular expressivity of the illustrations. Regardless of the technique or style, each Muse is an aesthetic and artistic experiment that parts from femininity as inspiration to analyse all the possible nuances of the body's expressivity. Each image is created by hand, without the aid of digital retouching, with materials such as Chinese ink and watercolour.

The magic of the female body by Conrad Roset

Despite the specific nature of its subject matter, Roset's technique covers various facets of illustration, from a refined and realistic line to a nearly abstract minimalism in the form and volume. The realism in some cases is extreme, especially when he creates the flowing hair of his muses. On the other hand, the color is sometimes delicate and punctual but others it is superimposed on the line to create almost abstract volumes, aggressively imposing its logic. Behind each figure there is no particular discurse but rather an aesthetic exploration of the female form open to the emotional interpretation of each individual.



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