The N2 Gallery in Barcelona Displays Sixeart's Andean Inspires Street Art
Barcelona - DEC 20, 2011
The N2 Gallery is proud to present "Sixeart: Cosmovisión Andina y los Hijos del Inti (Andean worldview and the Sons of Inti)", on view at the gallery through January 9th.

"Cosmovisión Andina y los Hijos del Inti" is an approach to ancient Andean cultures, full of colour, wisdom and mysticism. Sixeart use his pictorial language in order to reinvent a new idea of ancestral reconnection. The conceptual part in Sixe’s work has aroused the interest of Casa America in Madrid, where they will show an installation made specifically to coincide with ARCO (International Contemporart Art Fair in Madrid, Febraury 15th through February 19th 2012) and later, in March, an exhibition with all his latest work. Talking of the decision to host Sixeart's work, Imma Turbau, Director of Casa America said: “When an artist is able to use his unique perception to change the world that surrounds us, we are facing a genuine creator. He is demiurge who transforms our experiences of reality into something new and universal. (...) Sixeart is that kind of artist.” Born in 1975, Sergio Hidalgo Parades is a contemporary artist from Barcelona known as Sixe art or Sixeart. He started to paint graffiti in the late 1980s. In the mid-90s he developed his multidisciplinary talents in the fields of sculpture and studio painting. In 2008, Sixeart, Blu, Faile, JR, Nunca, Os Gêmeos painted the Tate Modern in London for the exhibition "Street Art". Sixeart belongs to the collective El Equipo Plástico with the artists Nuria Mora, Nano4814 and Eltono. Kati Krause wrote in the Wall Street Journal: "Sergio Hidalgo, alias Sixeart,... who was one of the artists featured in the Tate Modern exhibition, started scrawling his name on the walls of his native Badalona, a suburb of Barcelona, in the late '80s, when graffiti was still a novelty in Spain. Despite lacking a formal artistic training, he decided to add a paintbrush and canvas to his usual tools, to great effect: His surrealist, childlike style struck a chord with audiences and art collectors the world over. Today, he is being mentioned -- and exhibited -- together with the likes of Joan Miró and Antoni Tàpies."

The N2 Gallery was founded in 2005. The gallery specialises in showing the work of mid-career and emerging Spanish and international artists working across all media, including painting, sculpture, collage, installation, photography and video. The N2 Gallery annually presents exhibitions in Barcelona, usually solo projects. Since 2008, they have been participating in International Art Fairs, commissioning new works and giving support to their artists all around the world.

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