In recent weeks, Barcelona has seen the birth of two new contemporary art exhibition proposals, and La Galería Encantada and Me & the Curiosity

The new generation of art spaces in Barcelona
Barcelona - JUN 10, 2013
There are other art circuits in Barcelona. Those that move away from what is established without leaving what is happening in the cultural panorama of the city. In recent weeks, two new spaces dedicated to contemporary art have opened their doors to an audience looking for new things. We're talking about La Galería Encantada and me & the curiosity. Both proposals bring something new, either in size or format, to exhibition proposals of Barcelona.
The new generation of art spaces in Barcelona
The first visitors of the Galería encantada
The Galería Encantada, with just 11 meters of exhibition space, is a new contemporary art space located in the famous Encants Nous  in Barcelona. According to Patricia and Peter, those responsible for this new proposal, they have chosen this location to be "voluntarily away from the circuit, though not far from what happens in the city."

Another peculiarity is that space is only open to the public on opening days, called "Vermuts de la Encantada". The rest of the time, the small space can be visited by appointment.
The new generation of art spaces in Barcelona
View of the exhibition of Mike Swaney in me & the curiosity.
me & the curiosity is a Pop-up gallery, which follows a philosophy that gives more importance to the event that the physical location of the gallery. That is, the exhibitions, interventions and events do not have stable physical space but occur in different parts of the city. In their description, they explain that the gallery "uses a hybrid format that combines presential experiences offline world with the tools offered by the online world, social networking, Internet and next-generation technologies," so the experience is extended beyond the walls that house each event.
The new generation of art spaces in Barcelona
©Mike Swaney, the first artist to exhibit in me & the curiosity


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