Our selection of exhibitions that are opening this week in Madrid, Barcelona and London.

The next 7 days in the art world
Madrid - FEB 07, 2013

February seems to be the month of the art fairs. In cities such as Madrid, London or Rotterdam, art fairs seem to fill the cultural agenda. But there are other events that no art lover should miss.


Manifestos. Individual voices from the collective imagination. Espacio Trapezio.

A group of artists under the tutelage of Ana G. Alarcón, curator of the exhibition, take as reference the manifest and analyse its various aspects, to question and reclaim their status as creators.

Andrés Jaque and Federico Herrero.
La Casa Encendida.

The artists Andrés Jaque and Federico Herrero will transform with color and furniture some corners of the Casa Encendida. These spaces will become places for the collective creation and expression through a series of participatory social actions.

Juan Manuel Ballester.
Forests of Light. Tabacalera

The photos of Juan Manuel Ballester always rotate around three fundamental concepts intrinsic to photographic creation: time, light and space. In the words of the curators, "the artist does not intend to develop a specific photographic language, but use to justify objective witness, record, refine and interrogate the present and progress."


Transforming me into nothingness. H2O Gallery

Margaret Guerra uses the self-portrait as a means to show her personal experience in a journey of self-discovery. An intense journey, where the artist aims to create a strong connection with the audience.

Eulàia Grau. I have never painted golden angels. MACBA

Eulalia Grau presents I have never painted golden angels a series of ethnographies that examine how media publicity transmits certain values. Her works deal with issues such as school and family, gender stereotypes, class differences, labour exploitation, various repressive and general consolidations of power structures. Her style and language are direct, and because of this she has become one of the most vindictive artists of her generation.


The Bride and the Bachelors: Duchamp with Cage, Cunningham, Rauschenberg and Johns. Barbican

The exhibition reflects the relationship between Marcel Duchamp and 4 of the great modern masters, John Cage, Merce Cunningham, Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns. The sample consists of around approximately 90 works, which serve as a manifesto of the evolution of one of the most important periods of art history.

Candida Höfer. A Return to Italy. Ben Brown Fine Arts

The German photographer Candida Höfer presents in London 13 new photographs that portray the architectural treasures of northern Italy. All works are framed within the characteristic style of the photographer, in an unexpectedly powerful intensity drive by the transmitted by the images and the almost total absence of the human form.


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