The Woolff Gallery to Present New Paintings by Oona Hassim
London - JAN 11, 2012
The Woolff Gallery is pleased to present a dynamic new series of paintings by artist Oona Hassim. Her solo exhibition will open on the 26th of January and remain on view at the gallery through March 15th 2012.
Represented by Woolff Gallery since 2002, Oona Hassim’s works are exhibited worldwide. Her paintings can be found in the London Institute Collection and one of her topical works of the G20 demonstrations, March 2011, was selected for display at the 2011 Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition. Oona Hassim’s unique style of painting is poised between figurative and abstract. Focusing on random crowds and the passage of life that traverses the city of London, her distinctive palette of soft greys juxtapose against colourful crowds and neon lights. The potent emblem of the city is its crowds and her new works explore the explosion of recent activity and unrest on the streets. Poising as the flaneur, the impartial spectator, allows Hassim to observe the vast charge of changing energy within the city. The works reflect the cities atmosphere – from benign marches to reactive demonstrations, Hassim’s paintings harness the power of mass movement and map the mood of its people. Often painting people to the point of disappearance, her use of blur references Gerhard Richter’s. In "Anti-Cuts Demo" she explores the power of crowds at public demonstrations such as the March 2011 protest rally against the coalition government’s cuts within the public sector. Here, she examines the UK’s largest union-organised march since the Second World War, reflecting upon the manner in which passionate crowds can never move freely due to the constraint of the city landscape and event marshalling. In contrast, Hassim’s expression of April’s 2011 Royal Wedding, depicts the celebration of patriot colours in an exuberant, yet controlled city. Oona Hassim records these historic events in the traditional and timeless medium of oils – the result is both tempestuous and emotive. As one of the contemporary artists who continues to express concern about the city as a paradigm for society, Oona Hassim depicts its paradox of positive and negative energies and comments, ’Perhaps to fully understand the city, we need to grasp at all of its trajectories, its intimate corners and blinding glitter, and somehow attempt to weave together these disparate qualities’. Woolff Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in heart of historical Fitzrovia, north of Soho. The gallery exhibits young international artists. The artworks range from painting, sculpture and installation, covering all disciplines from traditional oils to works in porcelain and newspaper.

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