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Singapore - DEC 20, 2011
The Yang Gallery is proud to present "Lv Yanjun: Solo Exhibition 2012" on view at the gallery from January 7th through February 7th 2012. There are a number of works about the Revolution Period in Chinese history, mostly being labeled as ‘political pop art’ or ‘cynical realism’. Many times these works feature characters that are either warped, numb or abnormal. However, the young girls in Lv Yanjun’s paintings are amazingly beautiful. In fact, they often remind us of the beauty and youthfulness that were throttled during those mad years. Sometimes in Lv’s paintings the characters are disproportional, but such disproportion embodies a sculpture-like, aesthetic feeling of solemnity and peacefulness, and this is a beautiful feeling without further reasoning. Like how the famous Chinese painter Qi Baishi once said, wonder exists between likeness & unlikeness. The essence of sacristy comes into full view through Lv’s works; that art is not just a blinded replica of reality, but a powerful and hearty expression of the spirit in real life. Born in Handan City, Hebei Province, China, LV Yanjun received no formal education as he has hearing impairment and could not write. However, with his exceptional positive attitude in life, he persevered and taught himself the art of painting. This admirable artist is critical of the loss of political discourse in modern Chinese society. The women that LV Yanjun paints strikes the viewer with their flawless appearance of perfect Oriental features and sensual lips. Lv focuses on the facial expressions, his exquisite painting style reveals the delicacy of oriental women’s porcelain-like skin texture. The pale faces under the caps shows an incarnation of the depression and confinement of the past. It is rebellious, it reveals desires, and it strikes against our vision. Contained in the images of these women is LV Yanjun's attempt to articulate the desire of the modern Chinese for the superficial and their display of such superficial accumulation. He further emphasises this through painting these woman in the full uniform of the Cultural Revolution. With Daughters of Dragons, LV Yanjun uses this image to hint at what he believes is a the regression in Chinese society. He creates a contrast between China's current material obsession with the more admirable ideals of the Chinese individual of the past. His pieces have been exhibited internationally and Private Collectors from all over the world collect his works. He has exhibited widely in China, including at Art 10, Beijing, Shanghai Art Expo, Shanghai, Time & View, Gehua Cultural & Art Center, Beijing, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shijiazhuang and Chic Liberation, Beijing. The Yang Gallery is one of the most prestigious art galleries featuring the most collectible Chinese Contemporary Fine Art with galleries in Singapore & Beijing. Yang Gallery presents: Oil paintings, Sculptures, Watercolors, Photographs, Prints, Installations, Designer Furniture and Artistic Architectures etc. Yang Gallery’s clients: Contemporary Art Museums, Private Art Foundations, Major Organizations, Luxury Groups, Banks to Private Collectors from all over the world. In the last few years they have successfully exhibited a number of influential exhibitions and various corporations such as: Fang Lijun Investing in Chinese Contemporary Art Seminar, Cultural Exchange Conferences, Art Performances with Mercedes Benz, as well as many Charity Art Exhibition & Events in Singapore & Beijing. Yang Gallery strives to provide the most collectible and artistic wide variety of arts to collectors who are passionate about art from all over the world! It is their great pleasure to provide the most professional services and to welcome you into the exciting world of Chinese

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