The german artist Thilo Frank creates intimate artistic experiences.

Thilo Frank's immersive art
- AUG 17, 2013

The German artist Thilo Frank is a master of creating profoundly intimate artistic experiences for the public. Through photography, sculpture and installations he guides the viewer through intense situations that encourage interactive physical dialogues. 

His art reinterprets physical phenomena and common enviroments, creating a new context. This new universe constructed by Frank in each piece places a strong emphasis on light, space and motion leading to new extremes in poetic ways. He invites the viewer to question his relation to action in space and the consequences of this action. 


Thilo Frank's immersive art

©Thilo Frank, Infinite rock

In each work, the viewer is a coproducer, becoming an instrument of measurement of the relationship created. Only the physical interaction of the viewer completes the work, causing random events to be viewed equally. The intimate experience illustrates the optical coefficient of the viewer and sparks a new level of cognitive awareness.

Thilo Frank's immersive art

©Thilo Frank, Ekko

Thilo Frank's immersive art

©Thilo Frank, Phoenix



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