4 amazing timelapse videos that will transport you to Barcelona, Saint Petersburg, Yosemite or Shanghai.

Timelapse vacations: Travelling without leaving your desk
Barcelona - AUG 01, 2013

August is here and the temperature threatens to keep rising, making the commute to work a little worse every day. If you are one of those that will spend this month behind a computer screen and fighting with the air conditioner, we want to offer you a few minutes of express vacation time.

Our 4 proposals for this year's "timelapse vacations" will transport you to faraway lands: From the cosmopolitan charm of Barcelona, to the breath taking vastness of Yosemite or the historic beauty of Saint Petersburg, all the way to the colourful neon lights of Shanghai.

TimeLapse Barcelona by Loyam: A stroll throught the streets of one of Spain´s most beautiful cities. 

Saint Peterburg Timelapse by Georgy Tolstoy: Take a few minutes to discover this amazing russian city. 

Yosemite Range of Light by Shawn Reeder: Lose yourself in the amazing beauty of Yosemite National Park in California. 

This is Shanghai by Rob Whitworth: This breath taking timelapse proves that neon lights can be beautiful. 



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