Must-see exhibitions for Easter Weekend 2013

Up next in the art world: Easter special
Barcelona - MAR 27, 2013
Vacations are always a perfect time to visit an art exhibition and forget the daily routine. Our editor has picked 3 must - see exhibitions for this Easter Weekend.

See the rest of the list on our special Easter weekend in the art world, containing the top 10 exhibitions for this weekend.
Up next in the art world: Easter special
©Tom Carr
Turritopsis...los límites de la escultura de Tom Carr. Huarte Contemporary Art Center. 

Weight, volume, permanence and solidity are concepts linked to what we traditionally understand by sculpture that we do not find in the work of Tom Carr which extols the unstable equilibrium, the weightless, the ethereal, intangible,.. . it does not remain passive, it moves, transforms areas, suggests environments and creates ephemeral visual sensations.
Up next in the art world: Easter special
©Andreas Gursky
ECONOMY- An exhibition across two cities. Center for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow.

In the 21st century, does the economy provide the ground zero of our sense of self? And what does this experience of a life dominated by economic relations feel or even look like? Presented at Stills in Edinburgh and CCA in Glasgow, two parallel exhibitions make the core of ECONOMY. Accompanied by film screenings, public forums and online debate, the project examines the heightened interest of art today in revealing the economy as an inescapable social truth. 
Up next in the art world: Easter special
©Eckart Hahn

Art critics would define Hahn’s work as Fantastic Realism; nonetheless this categorisation insufficiently describes the artist’s œuvre. Over the years he has noticeably reduced his colour palette to the base colours of red, yellow and blue, as well as black and white – an aesthetic emphasis that corresponds with a further visual emphasis, namely, his use of space.


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