Our picks of 4 must-see exhibitions that open today in our international agenda.

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- FEB 21, 2013

Today is great day to be an art lover craving to see new, top notch art exhibitions. We have chosen the 4 top openings in Paris, Barcelona, London and Berlin to make your weekend plans a bit easier. 


Lichtenstein. A retrospective.Tate Modern. 21 February – 27 May 2013

Pop art has had a very important impact of contemporary culture. Its aesthetics have influenced and inspired a few generations of artists. But in order to really know the present, it is crucial to understand its origins. Tate modern has organized an impressive retrospective that explores the creation of one of pop art’s masters.  With 125 works displayed, Roy Lichtenstein. A retrospective is the first “full scale” retrospective dedicated to the artist in over 20 years and the perfect way of rediscovering his art.


SEE New Perspectives: from Balkan Photographers. DNA Gallery. 21 February – 21 March

Southeastern Europe has a rich and eclectic culture, many times only portrayed by the media because of the conflicts that take place in the territory. SEE new Pespectives: from Balkan Photographers is taste of reality. The works of the 15 photographers presented in the exhibition portray the lives of the residents of the Balkan region, not only the problems that they face in each country, but also their happiness, their daily life and most mundane moments. This impressive exhibit shows a glimpse of the truth that is not present, the majority of the times, in the news.


The Lebanese Rocket Society: atribute to dreamers. Galerie In Situ. 21 February – 18 April

The latest exhibition of the Paris-based, Galerie In Situ seeks to recuperate a forgotten part of Lebanese history, the aventure of the Lebanese Rocket Society and the country’s short but intense space race. It all began in the early 60’s, when a group of students of the Armenian Haigazian University of Beirut and their professor of mathematics, Manoug Manougian, launched the first successful rocket. In the next years, the Lebanese Rocket Society launched more than ten rockets all named Cesar. The project became quite popular, being featured in the front page of many newspapers and even reproduced in a series of stamps. But the space adventure had a short life, and in 1967, with the defeat of the Arab armies by Israel, the project was suddenly interrupted. The exhibition tries to rescue this episode of Lebanese history while at the same time it tries to reactivate it in the present, as a means of avoiding nostalgia, and a way of fighting against the dominant imaginary. 



Artwork as Collection. The Artist as Collector. Fundación Foto Colectania. 21 February – 25 May

Sometimes exhibitions provide a way to confirm a change or shift in the art world, be it a change in style or a change in the artist’s perception. Artwork as Collection aims to be just that. The project, curated by Joan Fontcuberta, has the goal of confirming the shift of the concept of collection. The project explores the growing reality of artists who perceive the artwork as collection, therefore subverting the common relationship of the collection of artwork. The exhibition focused on contemporary photographs of 10 artists, which follows the Foundation main exhibition line.



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