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Barcelona - FEB 28, 2013

February ends, March begins, and the cold weather has everyone at home trying to stay warm. While we wait for spring, a good way to fight off the chills is to visit the latest must-see exhibitions. Here’s our picks of this week’s events in our international agenda. 

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Self-portrait as a young Ellsworth Kelly. What you see in this drawing is not me drawing the drawing you are looking at, as you, meta-minded as you probably are, might believe. It is me drawing number 516 of what will be an infinite series of plant studies, a project in which I’m trying to forget the tradition I am part of to enter a realm of pure form. I have surrounded myself with plants and plants only, and I will take care of them until they overgrow me and my language, until there will be nothing but charcoal lines drawn by an automatic hand that doesn’t belong to me anymore. I will live in a world where drawing and nature are the same thing and meta is dead. : 270 cm x 360 cm

©Rinus Van de Velde

Rinus Van de Velde. CAC Málaga. February 1 to March 31. 

Rinus Van de Velde is one of Belgium’s most internationally renowned artists working today. For his first exhibition in Spain, presented at the CAC Málaga, he is showing a new series of large-format charcoal drawings on canvas. All dating from 2012, they have been specially created for this exhibition. With the artist as the principal protagonist, these works offer a reflection on the process of artistic creation, which is a recurring theme in Van de Velde’s work. For these drawings the artist staged compositions in his studio, either based on pre-existing or invented images, which he photographed and which provide the basis for the final drawings. The images are accompanied by titles, long stories, that complete the story of each drawing by giving it a  very specific narrative context. Although independent, taken together these drawings relate an open story that is part of a broader fictitious autobiography running parallel to the development of the artist’s real oeuvre. Van de Velde creates narratives that are open to the viewer’s interpretation.
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©Kendell Geers, Fuckface, 2011, gordonschachatcollection, South Africa

Kendell Geers 1988 - 2012. Haus der Kunst. February 1 to May 12. 

Kendell Geers, born in 1968 in South Africa, uses various media such as installation, drawing, video, performance, and photography. He gained international recognition through his participation in Documenta 11 (2002) and his active global exhibition activity. 

The exhibition presented in Haus der Kunst until May 12, analyzes the artist's prolific career from 1988 to 2012.
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©Andreas Fischer, Mother, 2003

Andreas Fischer. Machines. Your Time Is My Rolex. Museum Ludwig. Decembre 1, 2012 to March 17, 2013

The Museum Ludwig surveys Fischer's mechanical works in the exhibition Your Time Is My Rolex. The artist, who was born in 1972, uses motors and microprocessors in combination with found materials and objects, including armchairs and workmen's tools, to construct sculptures that move and speak. Depriving the components of their original purpose, he incor-porates them into new contexts that grant them a different, narrative significance. 


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