3 interactive sound installations that create a connection between the physical and virtual worlds

Vimeo Findings: Sound art installations
Barcelona - JUN 21, 2013
On our daily search through Vimeo, we have come across three particularly impressive sound installations. Each of them engages the audience, inviting them to experiment sound in a completely different way. They are inmersive experiences that in different ways help to understand the true nature of sound waves through complex visual representations and a high dose of interaction.

The studios Chevalvert2RoqsPolygraphik and Splank have come together to create Murmur, an interactive sound installation that turns sound into light using the human voice. By literally "talking to walls", the installation simulates the movement of the sound waves and makes them visible through light referring the to concept of "echo's room", which alludes to the sound effect created and to the Greek Myth. The project retransforms the concepts of speed, space and time by creating a bridge between human and wall and between the physical and virtual world. 


Sonic Water, by Sven Meyer and Kim Pörksen, is an interactive installation that explores sound in visual form through Cymatics, the process of visualizing sound and vibrations through matter, in this case, water. The installation shows the alterations that take place in different amounts of water when subjected to diverse frequencies of sound. The audience can interact with the installation with a small container of water, by filling it or draining it, positioned inside the speaker and captured by a camera placed above the container. This way the visitors can see in real time the projection and the changes that take place depending on the sound frequency. The result is a constant generation of patterns, complex and hypnotic, that magically show the visual side of sound. 

Forest is the latest interactive installation by Marshmallow Laser Feast, London based collective made up by Memo AktenRobin McNicholas and Barnaby Steel. The installation consists of 150 musical 'trees', made of rods and lasers, that create a 'forest' of almost 450 square meters. Visitors are welcome to explore the space freely, physical interacting with the 'trees'. By shaking and vibrating the trees, the audience triggers the sounds and the lasers, causing them to swing and create vibrating patterns of light and sound in a truly inmersive experience. 


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