4 Vimeo findings that analyse office life.

Vimeo Picks: Creativity in the office
Barcelona - JUL 22, 2013

Mondays can be difficult, especially during the summer, and most likely your office is not the most interesting place in the world. Luckily, the world's creative talents are there to fight boredom and the lack of beauty. Our top Vimeo picks of this week are 4 short films that will surely give you enough inspiration to daydream, at least for a little while. A few minutes of creative genius and audio visual expertise that explore the potential of office life.

"Post-It Love" by Kreatif360: Boy meets girl with a little help from post-it notes. 

"The Black Hole" by Photoplay: The story of an office worker that discovers the things that can happen when you work late. 

"Slow Derek" by Dan Ojari: Derek's monotonous routine is completely altered as he experiences the true speed of planet Earth. 

"Address is approximate" by The Theory: An office toy's incredible road trip.




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