3 Vimeo videos on the beauty of human motion and dance.

Vimeo picks: The beauty of movement
Barcelona - SEP 28, 2013

In this week's Vimeo picks we focus on the beauty of movement. The 3 videos that make up the selection show the powerful beauty of dance and its endless possibilities of interpretation. From a reinterpretation of classical ballet to the interaction between a dancer and light, these videos have us fascinated.

En Puntas by Javier Pérez is an intense short film that shows the relationship between the irreconcilable concepts of beauty and cruelty, fragility and violence, culture and nature or life and death. The film focuses on a ballerina dancing on top of a grand piano with pointe shoes extended by a set of sharp kitchen knives. 

Nuance is a short film by Marc-Antoine Locatelli that shows dancer Lucas Boirat in battle with geometric forms of light. The carefully choreographed dance show the union of human motion and motion graphics as the forms appear and morph following the movements of the dancer. 

Choros is an experimental art film by the director Michael Langan that explores the movement of the human body through motion of dancer Terah Maher. Langan created this 13 minute video by layering 32 sequential instances of a single movement of the dancer and then stretched them out over time. 



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