10 Spanish galleries feature 28 contemporary international photographers

Contemporary Photography Special
ArtDiscover invited some of the leading Spanish galleries to participate in its spring special dedicated to contemporary photography. Each gallery was asked to selected no more than 5 photographers to be featured.

The result is an eclectic selection of 28 international photographers, chosen by taking into consideration the importance of their work. Each photographer has a very personal style, but the subjects and the places they capture cover all the mayor themes of the tradition of photography.

From the realism of Valerio Spada and Miguel Trillo, the celebrities of Hollywood portrayed by Lawrence Schiller, or the silent architecture of Kevin Bauman and Mathias Heiderich, to the surreal images of Joan Fontcuberta and Ellen Kooi, the special Contemporary Photography shows just how vast the genre can be and its hability to capture all the aspects of reality and fiction.