Find the Ipad hidden among one of our artists´ artworks on ArtDiscover and get a chance to win a Ipad with Retina Display!

This is your chance to win a Ipad!
Are you an art lover and one of the few that hasn´t got an Ipad yet? This contest is just for you!  

The ArtDiscover team has hidden an artwork image of one of our most outstanding emerging artists within a Ipad. To help you find it, we´ll drop here two essential clues:   

1. He is an emerging artist
2. His name begins with the letter Y  

Would you like to participate?  

Follow these steps:  

1. Go to our Facebook page and click on the Promotion tab
2. Click on Enter and register for the promotion
3. Once you are registered, go to the artists section on ArtDiscover  
4. Filter by artist´name and review the artworks of those artists whose name begins with the letter Y.
5. Share the artwork´s image within the Ipad on Facebook.  

And that's it, you´re done! We are sure than while participating, you will enjoy discovering great artworks!  

After the draw, the lucky winner will be contacted by email within 72 hours after the sweepstake has finished. 

The promotion ends on June 1st, 2013 at 23:59h. Find the promotion´s terms and conditions on the promotion tab on Facebook.     

The ArtDiscover team wishes you luck!