T&C for Artists

Specific Conditions for Artists

On entering the ArtDiscover intranet as an ARTIST the USER certifies on accepting the following conditions that they are the person they claim to be. Any other act is considered a violation of personal rights and any ensuing consequence, complaint and/or accusation for damages will be the sole responsibility of the USER.

The following specific conditions are complementary to ArtDiscover’s General Conditions and Privacy Policy and regulate the service that ArtDiscover provides for its ARTISTS who fill in the ARTISTS form to gain access to the intranet and as such manage the specific content that is shown in the web site profile page within the ArtDiscover.com web site.

To gain access to the specific services the USER must register on the ArtDiscover.com web site to obtain a password. With this password the USER gains access to the services outlined in the following paragraph:

Services available on access to the ARTIST intranet: once the password has been received to access the ArtDiscover intranet, the ARTIST can introduce, change and update all the information that is shown online; name, year of birth, art work, participating exhibitions, prizes received and others.

The use of the password is personal and non-transferrable and it is forbidden to share it with a third party. The USER must adopt all necessary measures to protect their password from third parties. It is therefore the USER who is the only person responsible for the use of their password, and ArtDiscover as such is completely relieved of liability. If the USER suspects the incorrect use of their password by a third party, they should immediately contact ArtDiscover to be able to cancel this password and avoid any misuse.

Photographs of art work

The USER may upload photographs of their artistic work that will be shown on the ArtDiscover web site. The USER agrees not to submit any work with a watermark. ArtDiscover reserves the right to adapt the format of the photographs in some cases to fit the design of the web site. However at all times there is the possibility of seeing the photograph in the same format (not size) as when it was uploaded to the intranet by the USER.

The USER providing art work to other USERS through the ArtDiscover web site is declared the legitimate title holder of the rights to the intellectual and industrial property of the art work for its reproduction, distribution or use for any kind of public communication on web sites and/or email. Moreover the title-holder is valid for the whole world and for unlimited time. In summary the USER is declared the legitimate title-holder of the art work that they insert and with the corresponding rights to be shown on the ArtDiscover web site and its electronic bulletins.

Varied Content

The USER undertakes to upload only true, exact content on the web site and guarantees the authenticity of all the information that is communicated on any form in ArtDiscover. As such it is the sole responsibility of the USER at all times to maintain the information updated and applicable to the real current situation. In the case that the USER should enter false or inexact information and/or statements, the USER will be held responsible for any damages that this might cause ArtDiscover and third parties, and in no case will ArtDiscover be held liable.

The USER accepts that the use of the service is their sole and exclusive responsibility. The USER will respond to any possible damages that ArtDiscover might suffer as a consequence of the non-fulfilment of any of the obligations explicitly or implicitly outlined within these Conditions or in the ArtDiscover General Conditions of Use. The USER undertakes not to not to exhibit under any circumstances illegal work on the web site. In the case where it is necessary that the USER submits additional information or warnings to accompany their work, the USER undertakes to comply as such with all the applicable laws and regulations related to the exhibition and publication of work on the ArtDiscover web site particularly and to the internet in general.

The USER is responsible for obtaining any type of authorization or license necessary to publish the content that they wish to use on ArtDiscover.com. Any content entered by the USER that contravenes the legal stipulations will be the sole responsibility of the USER, including all the consecutive damages, as such relieving ArtDiscover of any kind of liability.


ArtDiscover will not accept content that undermines the quality of the service and urges its USERS to introduce only quality content. It is forbidden to: insert any illicit content, or content that does not comply with the ArtDiscover quality standards. As such it is forbidden to introduce any kind of content that may disturb and/or generate negative opinions of ArtDiscover USERS. It is forbidden to reproduce the content from the web site or from other USERS without receiving the written authorization of ArtDiscover.

Publishing rights

ArtDiscover reserves the rights to eliminate web content without any prior notice or justification if this content is illegal, does not comply with the quality standards, are out of context, or for any other reason.

ArtDiscover will eliminate any art work that they consider non-appropriate to fit the web site’s characteristics and aims. ArtDiscover will make periodic revisions of the general content that USERS are uploading on the web site, but even so it cannot be reviewed 100%. If you should see any inappropriate material on the web site we would ask you to contact us immediately at the following email address to advise us as to make the correct revision of the web site: info@ArtDiscover.com

Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction

The following conditions and other outlined ArtDiscover conditions are ruled by Spanish legislation. In the case of any kind of dispute, denunciation or other legal action, the USER expressly waives any other privileges or rights that might correspond to them to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona.

In the case that any of these clauses within the following conditions should be declared null and void, the rest of the clauses will remain valid.


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