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    2010: Mobile Phone Sculpture-Commisoned by The Carphone Warehouse
    2010: Cork Street open exhibition
    2011: Cork Street open exhibition
    2011: Youth International Arts Festival- Kingston
    2011: Is this thing on?- Dreamspace gallery
    2012: Brighton craft fair
    2012: End of year degree show- Kingston University
    2012: Surrey Olympic craft fair- Dorking, Surrey
    2013: The Other Art Fair-, Ambika P3, London
    2013: British Craft Trade Fair- Harrogate Yorkshire
    2013: Country Living Fair- Islington, London

     I enjoy looking at materials and showing them in a different light - beyond their intended function. My work is based upon layering – an obsessive labour intensive method.  I build up surfaces, one on top of the other – each adding to the next – it is both time consuming and a long drawn out process.


    I use materials and objects that many people would overlook. Everyday objects excite and inspire me; I enjoy their imperfections and inconsistencies as well as their precariousness and fragility and am often surprised by their seeming inner strength. The aesthetic part to my work is extremely important to me and is typified in my desire to be well presented in a subtle and delicate way. The force, which drives me, is producing work that is attractive to the eye and turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. Drawing the viewer into a piece is important to me, however I do not wish to make large statements. Instead I prefer that the works, through their form and design, provide the meaning that the viewer will draw from them.


    My most recent work is a consequence of my ill health. My working method of careful layering and repetitive application has provided a focus and a sanctuary where I can re-direct my energies through complete concentration – allowing me to be free from concern about my pain in the process. I have found that personal bodily pain, and spending lots of time in a medical environment has influenced the ideas in my most recent works. 

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