Harold Muñoz


    • Hombre
    • Dibujante
    • Fotógrafo
    • Hyperrealista
    • Pintor


    Gallery Daniel Besseiche
    Gallery L´Oel du prince


    Acerca del artista

    Harold Muñoz was born in 1978 in Venezuela,
    where He began his studies of Fine Arts. He comes from a
    long lineage of Spanish painters.
    His largest training began with his father and then he moved
    to Paris in the company of other Classic painters.
    Muñoz creates images of a strange beauty, a
    melancholic sweetness of the alchemy and exalted realism,
    giving the ordinary an elevated sense, giving the finite the
    appearance of infinite. Colors drop so gently on the canvas,
    transforming into languid and enigmatic young ladies, so pale
    and so beautiful that their flesh becomes transparent blue.
    Scars and veins touch him deeply; he would convey this very
    personal vision of beauty because it reminds him of God and
    the fragility of life.


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